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Not unlike hundreds of thousands of other people, news outlets, bloggers, and enthusiasts, I have been sucked in to the past few months of drama that is the hacker wars of the summer of 11. Whether it be Lulzsec bursting on to the scene with the hilarity of @topiary and his comical twitter posts, or the subsequent emergence of their detractors denouncing them as “skids” or blasting them for cheapening their “art form”, it has been a topic of increasing interest to the casual viewer and has introduced some of us to new terminology, new sites, and opened our eyes to what has become an entire scene that some of us were blissfully unaware of.

As someone that is entrusted to govern networks  (nothing to see here, keep moving), I had more than a passing interest in what was going on with security and the relative ease that members of @LulzSec, @TeaMp0isoN_, and @anonops compromise systems, harvest data, and put Corporations, Law Enforcement Agencies, and Governments on blast. The list of targets is impressive:  CIA, FBI Contractors, Arizona DPS, T0ny Blair, US Senate and more. And the disclosure of these compromises have even provoked comment from the Social Engineering Legend that is Kevin Mitnick escalating from “Poking the Tiger” to “Kicking the Tiger in the balls” to just plain “Out of Control”

I can tell you this much, I am not in any way shape or form knowledgable  in the ways that these individuals or collectives unleash their havoc, nor do I proclaim to be an expert in security, but I have to admit that I rofl’d when I heard that the likes of corporate executives, and otherwise educated individuals using the same passwords for every account they have.  Regardless of their intentions I can tell you that this self proclaimed nerd did a sweeping review of all  passwords and double checked my own security.

I am sure the average 9 year old “skid” could leak my entire system and or dox me during commercial breaks of Yo Gabba Gabba, I cant imagine that I hold any interest whatsoever to anyone, but just in case I categorically deny ever knowing about mudkipz or google searching real life training to be a pokemon master.

Regardless of your stance on what is happening or who’s data has been laid out on pastebin it has raised awareness of data security but it still appears that people are either too arrogant or too blind to pay proper attention. I for one am more than a little entertained and anxiously awaiting the next chapter.

…To be Continued


Written by ohaiguize

June 25, 2011 at 3:30 pm

Posted in Twitter/Facebook

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