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British Legal System, Your stupid

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Good for you, you caught the big scary hacker, except he turned out to be a little scary kid.

The babyface of the rogue gardener has been exposed. All the supposition regarding whether they actually got the right guy is over. He is pasty white, thin, Rockin’ the Neo shades and the duckface. Are you even kind of prepared to deal with something of this magnitude? now what?

The terms of his release? Which one of you mental giants drew up this agreement? Term 1 being that he cannot connect to the internet or have anyone aid or assist him in connecting to the internet. How do you hope to enforce it?

It took a joint effort of the United States, Great Britain, and the likely cooperation of the assbergers ridden Ryan Cleary  to even identify this kid in the first place. WTF makes you think you would know if he did so again? Do you really think that you are qualified to enforce the restrictions that you have put in place for him? The individuals who without the help of a 3rd grader would still have all of their electronics in the house flashing 12:00? Are these the cutting edge tech gods?

Second term of his release: Has to be in by 10pm and cant leave until 7am.

News flash, perhaps you didn’t see the Nosferatu like complexion on this kid. He isn’t the “runnin the streets” kinda dude. Whens the last time a police cruiser whipped up on some darkened ally and had to break up a group of kids discussing the finer points of anarchistic free radicals. Get a grip.

Did tope create this form for you? if so, well played sir…well played.

Attention Justice System: The revolution is upon you, it is digital, it may not be televised but there will be a managed twitter feed, it will be controlled by teenagers with misguided delusions of grandeur and you are hopelessly out of touch.


Written by ohaiguize

August 4, 2011 at 11:47 am

Posted in Twitter/Facebook

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