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I offered an invitation to you to answer a hand full of prepared questions “inside the actors studio” style. You told me I didn’t need an interview. The offer still stands.

Several comments have been made accusing you at miminum of sympathizing with the plight of the palestinian conflict and at most being a recruiting tool for terrorism. For your claims that your already transparent enough? lets have a peek at that statement.

  • Do we know who you are?

Well. Kind of. I have heard everything from Hector, Xavier to Ash Ketchum. Im pretty sure the last one isn’t true though. I know the source.

  • Do we know where you are?

Not really. But I got $5 on the fact that its a dark damp room with lots of Beanie Babies and Justin Beiber posters.

  • Do we know the meaning behind your choice of avatar?

Pro-Palestinian? Anti-Semite? Just envy the caring and compassion that was Arafat?

  • Do we know the reasoning for your shameless promotion of a homophobic, politically charged rapper?

Sure you like rap. I get that part, but why this guy with this message? Never heard you praising the lyrical stylings of say Englebert Humperdink or Vanilla Ice.

Dayum Knee-Grow Splain dat Shit!
  • Do we know your motives for the targets you choose? (aside from easy pickings)

Your generic hatred for law enforcement is admirable, and will eventually be your downfall, but why? is it truly generic or is there a method to the madness? AZ was stated due to immigration policies and the uncircumcised cock with ears that is Sheriff Joe Ar-piehole

  • Do we have a clear and easy to understand manifesto from yourself or Anonymous?

Nothing that I can see. Pretty much anyone that you take exception with but without any real clear and convincing evidence beyond the apparent class warfare. Its starting to feel like a fight between the haves and the have nots.

Is the power structure unbalanced? Of course. Are the people with the power and the money only interested in preserving that which they have amassed. Of course.

Is this some kind of Robin Hood endeavor? If so, who is benefitting?

With LulzSec we at least knew it was for the lulz. no rhyme or reason, just blatant “because we can” Random kids WoW accounts owned, a few people recieving larger than life ebony phalluses, minimal impact, menacing and mayhem but no ones life was placed in jeopardy.

That has clearly changed.

If you want to do something for the cause, take one for the team, turn yourself in, and when they grant you bail, please wear something that isnt the stereotype. Perhaps a shoe on the head? A nice top hat and monocle? You got this shit, Barrett Brown has your back.

PS. whoever wrote that pastebin for tope? please smother them with a pillow before they breed. I had 2 seizures and I am pretty sure I have cancer now.



Written by ohaiguize

August 4, 2011 at 11:47 am

Posted in Twitter/Facebook

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