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Hacktivists and Americas Youth In General

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I’m sure you have been furiously F5′ing since my last rant, so lets get this started.

The 60s – Civil rights marches, Rosa Parks, MLK, LBJ, the fundamental fight for equality

The 70s – Marches, and demonstrations against a perceived illegal war where American citizen are going halfway around the globe to die for a cause we don’t believe in.

—Time Warp—

2010′s – Personal information of innocent bystanders leaked to the general public so that any other morally bankrupt individual can then do things to further scare/enrage the people you claim to fight on the behalf of. Perpetrated by individuals still butt-hurt that they got picked last in dodge ball.

These smash and grab tactics are tantamount to burglarizing peoples homes, stealing all their shit, placing it in the front yard for the neighbors to see and rummage through and spray painting messages on the garage door.

Attention alarm company: We are the nameless, faceless liberators of other peoples stuff, shame on your for charging these people for a false sense of security. We beat your system. You suck and we don’t.

What do we know here: You claim your work without being willing to be the FACE of the movement. You create collateral victims, pirate their things and lay them out there for strangers to rifle through, Your smart enough to beat the system, and you are very proud of yourself. But what is your mission? To beef up security systems?

NEWS FLASH – Smarter security breeds smarter criminals.

**Breaking News*** The government is a corrupt institution full of self edifying imposter’s who’s entire agenda is to maintain the power and wealth that they have been accumulated all while trying to obtain even more from the equally corrupt lobbyists and corporations that granted it them in the first place!

Whoa, …I’m stunned…we among the world community had no idea, thank you for opening our eyes to this injustice. How have we existed thus far without you? Where on earth would we be without you?


Your not saying anything that hasn’t been well known for generations, and all you are doing is charging the fringe extremists (for or against) that are already widely discredited as lunatics anyways. Yes Westboro, I mean you.

Try this on for size, I support animal rights with the exception of cows, pigs and chickens, they are fucking delicious!. I think the furry’s should be protected from sadistic assholes that use them for sport or mistreat them for their own amusement.

Cock slamming a litter of kittens in Time Square will generate plenty of buzz, attention, and maybe even media coverage, but its not likely to create any real benefit to animal rights. However should you choose that form of protest, I am certain that there would be the same cast of sheep that will blindly follow you off the cliff and generate avatars of cute little kittens with bored out asses to represent themselves on social media outlets. Chanting some brain dead mantra about how these furry savages are secretly plotting to destroy furniture, string, and embark on a campaign of rodent genocide. THEY MUST BE STOPPED!

Inevitably, this too shall pass. There are only a few things will happen here; the group of people will get caught, they will stop and disappear in to obscurity or they will move on to some other shiny cause. But what will you have accomplished? And what about the aftermath of the now unguided masses?

You poorly educated disillusioned pukes, stand up! Break from these idiots, think for yourselves please, before other equally corrupt law enforcement entities smash through your front door and confiscate all of your electronics.

Should I ever be capable of compassion for ignorance, perhaps I will change my stance or soften my rhetoric, but if or until that day comes, I have nothing but contempt. Blind faith is for suckers. Educate yourselves, Wake the fuck up and look objectively at what and who you follow.


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  1. Red Legion says:

    I thought you could use a penisbird…


Written by ohaiguize

August 4, 2011 at 11:43 am

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