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I wake up this morning, go through my usual routine. Check hate-mail and tally up the number of people that suggest various ways for me to end my existence, heartily laugh and print off some of my most creative ones. My favorite is still the the invisible fence surrounding my computer so that every time I get near it to post something, the collar attached to my scrotum sends a high voltage reminder why that’s a bad idea. Then i troll a hand full of RSS feeds, and then go see what happened on twitter while I slept. And what to my bloodshot eyes should appear? Brace yourself… yes… More faggotry. For the most part from the usual suspects, But a couple of them really had me wondering WTF. For the purpose of this writing, we will focus on the train-wreck that has become Sabu.

As a general rule, people are usually good with people OR computers. Rarely do the 2 merge, and this is definitely NOT the exception to that rule. There is a reason most IT folks reside in a room behind a locked door. It isn’t to protect the things inside, its to protect the outside world from the mouth breathers that reside within it. I don’t know what Topiary’s skill set was, but based on his genius of controlling media, the information release and the 350K followers, I suspect he was more of a mouthpiece.

Then there is Sabu. The Rainman of the crew. I suspect that there are a couple sock puppets operating this feed. Either that or this individual is unemployed, and running an IV of Full Throttle wide open and only requires about 15 minutes of sleep per 24 hour cycle.  There is no rhyme or reason for when he/they post and at times the dialects vary wildly. But enough of the psychological bullshit, lets look at what is actually being said.

So let me get this straight. Your VERY PUBLIC exploits, the non stop feeding of information through Twitter, YouTube and IRC, not to mention your countless retweets, weren’t specifically meant to draw attention and create drama? Its a self fulfilling prophecy that you will get attention and that not EVERYONE will agree and support your actions isn’t it? I promise you, I don’t get paid for any of this, matter of fact it COSTS me to do so, and I gladly pay it because I consider it my own little economic stimulus package for the US economy, the sheer stupidity and collective derpness that I find keeps me paying for my internet connection, cases of antacids and that $200 an hour therapist that pretends to pay attention when I pace and rant in her office twice a month.

Again please tell me that you suffer some form of frontal lobe injury, why do things that are meant to draw attention, tell the whole world about them, create the blow back that your actions are GUARANTEED to generate, and then QQmoar when you get it? Are you that narcissistic to have thought that every higher life form on the planet would have a collective epiphany and blindly follow you as the second coming of Jesus Freaking Christ himself? Walk on water, turn Kool-Aid in to King Louis or climb down off the cross, someone could use the lumber for a cool ramp or something.

YOU sir/ma’am tied your name to terrorism. The clown only expanded on it. This half hearted attempt to say “ignore the guy behind the curtain” is weak. The simple fact of the matter is, much like my presence at the community pool in a stars and stripes speedo, your actions DO create an atmosphere of fear and terror. There is always going to be collateral damage. The primary difference here is that my rockin the banana hammock may cause profuse vomiting and nightmares, your actions, regardless of your intent to expose corruption, places peoples lives in danger.

Whether its your inability or unwillingness to publicly explain your avatar, the constant publicity for this beast person and his rhetoric, or refusing to “go one the record” in your various IRC chat sessions with @jamesrbuk, @exiledsurfer or the likes, in the absence of a public reply and your stance on things any and all speculation is valid.

Sabu. Please. If you truly believe in your cause, I suggest you either grant me an interview with something I can use and publicly to explain these things, stop responding or find another Tope before you single-handedly kill the movement. I can’t afford more therapy and I don’t seem capable of looking away from the internet train wreck that you’re becoming.



Written by ohaiguize

August 4, 2011 at 11:49 am

Posted in Twitter/Facebook

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