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After stayin up all night diligently super gluing walnut shells to my cats feet, The fun of the moment passes and as I hear him tearing ass across the ceramic tile sounding much like a tiny little horse, my temporary joy fades and I am again left thinking about those that are floating around in the shallow end of the gene pool.

It is with gut wrenching nausea that I see and read these pandering piece of shit reporters that are all begging for interviews. Fuck that I will ask for an interview, but if I don’t get one, I will just make shit up, I don’t care. You want me to be factual, give me something to say, otherwise, you get whatever version of reality I am in at the time. Im going to rip on you either way.

Im not askeered that the army of anon tweens shall decend upon me and leave negative impressions or fuck up my pages . They can talk shit to me, they can call me names, hell they can blow my shit up if they want to. Just this moment, I paused and reached in to my bag and I was found to be without a single fuck to be given.  Come at me /b/ro.

First of all, I calls em as I see’s em. And I sees me some hypocrites. You use illegal, fear based tactics in an attempt to terrorize and instigate a conflict with corporations and law enforcement agencies to expose their Illegal, fear based tactics? And in the process of your form of protest for what you consider corruption and abuses of power and human rights, you do exactly the same thing by putting  “potentially innocent” people in real danger. Wait…Wut? That is a serious bag of wtf right there. People that lurk in the shadows and intentionally hide their identity sound like freaking retards calling for transparency and an end to secrecy.

But I have to hand it to you, you sold that shit to a lot of people that bought in. I want to try it. I propose the following:

America! stand up! I am going to duct tape a teenager to a chair and repeatedly beat him/her with a hammer until a stop is put to child abuse. Volunteers? C’mon Anons, unless you are pro child abuse! It is a moral imperative that we put a stop to this madness. I will kill as many of you as it takes to put an end to the violence, I’m that committed. Oddly enough I have yet to hear back from one person.

And just this week, several Texas law enforcement offices were breached. For some stuff I would say you were bold, some even brave, but this is akin to suicide by cop. Texas? WTF are you thinking? These are the people that get kittens out of trees with flame throwers. Those guys will put a needle in your arm for being a vegetarian.

If Sabu wont talk to me, maybe one of you others will? Hit me up (hate mail is encouraged)



Written by ohaiguize

August 4, 2011 at 11:46 am

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