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Mantra vs Marlboro’s : Will Topiary stay true to the cause?

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With Topiary building callouses on his puckered starfish, Kayla trying to appear to be jet setting all over Europe, and Tflow interviewing backup dancers for his latest performance of “I’m not anonymous and neither is anyone else” All we are left with is the hundreds of anon-lemmings, and the pitiful attempts to say that the little Scottish kid that got grabbed up isn’t Tope.

News Flash: #1: The time for disinformation is over for these individuals.

At this point all you can really do is hope that you can minimally poison a jury pool, considering of course any of them are even aware of who you are beyond the box of prophylactics that were delivered to their mothers. If you were foolish enough to actually let anyone know who you were or any little tid-bit of information about who you really are, your fucked.

My initial reaction to Sabu’s statement that Tflow must have snitched him out was a little alarming. The only time he EVER admits to anything is a sure sign its bullshit. But I think he was in ‘omgwtfbbq mode’ the tone of his tweets for about the next hour declined rapidly.

So what are we left with? Pitiful amounts of crap, nightly regurgitation’s of Sabu’s daily tweet limit while he attempts to ensure himself and us that his ‘work’ is somehow important to someone other than the angst filled kids they keep sacrificing for their cause, and endless re-tweets of “you cant arrest an idea”


NEWS FLASH #2: They aren’t interested in arresting an idea!

Ideas are completely legal. It’s the easily led lemmings with no impulse control or the means to think for themselves that actually ACT ON THE IDEA and COMMIT CRIMES, that they are interested in arresting. And that my little mask-wearing friends, they can and will.

Ask yourselves, do you think Tope’s sitting in a cell somewhere feeling self righteous and proud of the impact he had on popular culture and the awareness that your group has managed to thrust upon the world stage? Or do you think that his actions will be tainted with the fear of being pimped out for a half a pack of Marlboro’s?

I don’t know if they will grab up Sabu, but what I do know, is that if Tope/Ryan/Tflow/Kayla  have ANY clue who any of you are, your days are numbered. He is in survival mode and when or if he weighs the choices out, its pretty clear. His ass is way more valuable than yours.

*steps off soap box*



6 Responses to Mantra vs Marlboro’s Will Topiary stay true to the cause?

  1. trollmoar says:

    looking for hate mail? none from me.

  2. Taintier says:

    You’re an idiot, taint.

    • Taint says:

      aww cmon, you got better than that, no gay jokes? no ultra conservative, facist, brainswashed? no chan faggotry? #iamdissapoint. #tryharder

  3. 4chan says:


    Also – you sir are a faggot. Ultra conservative, facist, brainswashed faggot.

    An old man trapped in a young body.

    (there, now you have it all)


Written by ohaiguize

August 4, 2011 at 11:54 am

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