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Oh Snap, could this be our first Retraction?

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After countless fail doxings, the clown switches gears and decides that rather than out sabu directly, he would start a campaign a la Joseph Goebbels to point to the fact that Sabu is a pawn in a MUCH LARGER plan to recruit 12 year olds to join the middle eastern conflict. Or is he?
I realize that we have given entirely too much press to the failfag that is Th3j35t3r but we would be irresponsible to let something this shattering fall through the cracks without our authoritative comments.
Recent revelations of j35t3rs battle with dyslexia and illiteracy lead us to believe that perhaps he inst as fail as we once thought and that perhaps his is merely confused. Ever the diligent professionals that we are, we will inject some supposition that may shed some light on this.
Lets look at some of his recent postings:

Jester: your capslocks dont make your point more valid but its fun huh?

Possibilities: Cockslaps?

Jester: 1st up: My doxing. That’s a #fail. (again) I have never been Ryan Berg, John Willander, Robin Jackson, Anthony Freed, Beau Colvin

Possibilities: Repeatedly blown?

Jester: Days ago I handed @atopiary @lulzsec @lolspoon their asses. Today hit. I keep hashing koch

Possibilities: Gnashing cock?

Jester: @anonymousabu @atopiary @lulzsec -NUTTIN TO SAY? – Am thinking either u involved with #oslo or (more likely) my last tweets touched a nerve?

Possibilities: my last plea to touch your nads?
As you can see, there are completely legitimate possibilities that we had th3j35ter completely wrong. He isnt an utter failure at hacking and information security, it is equally plausible that he is just a frustrated homosexual that fails to find the proper keystrokes to convey his strong desire for penis.
At the time of this posting we have yet to hear back from th3j35ter for a response.

Written by ohaiguize

August 4, 2011 at 11:50 am

Posted in Twitter/Facebook

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