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@anonymousSabu d0x’d

My crack team of journalists and h@x0rs have done the unthinkable, the unknowable, we have in fact exposed Sir Sabu the great and I am putting this shit on blast for the world to see.

With the use of sophisticated tools such as kazaa, limewire (I know its dead, ive been at this a while) and some of the most 1337 googlin ever witnessed by a human being, I have uncovered what HAS to be the most exhaustive d0x ever attempted.

*******Pertinent Info*******

Name – Duh…its Sabu cant you read? (p.s. not very anonymous when you tell your name like that #justsayin)

Address – Mobile (Like literally, last reported on the highway 1 hangin an aircard out the window trying to get a better signal)

Handles – Crash Override, Sabu, TheAllPowerFul, and 1m@h@xy0rf@c30ff

Email Addresses – , ,

Back Story:

Depending on who you believe he was either born in Moscow, London, or Ft Wayne Indiana. All are equally credible, but that homeless guy I asked said something about Los Angeles, but when he offered me oral sex for a nickel, I hurried on my way.

His first word was noob. At the age of 4 he hacked his see and say to make it say “fart” and “boobs”. From that moment on he was hooked.

Much like Jesus, his formative years appear to be undocumented, but he reemerged again in his teen years where he was a part time model to fund his growing need for TI-84’s. It is reported that he daisy chained them together, and with some radio shack peripherals and a phone cord, he started a fledgling search engine company he affectionately called “Saboogle”, And was said to be very upset when he was ripped off by some other company although we couldn’t verify which company was referred to.

It was at about this time that he disappears in to the collective known as “Anonymous” where he spent the next few years in /b/ and /r/ frantically spamming “tits or gtfo” chanting newfag, summerfag, and something called “roody-poo”

He rose to international infamy with the 50 day antics of “Lulzsec” and that story is very well documented.

When asking Sabu for a comment on the information to drop he replied “lol..nice try skid” and everyone knows, denial means its totally true.

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11 Responses to Sabu Unmasked!

  1. Good site! I really love how it is easy on my eyes it is. I’m wondering how I might be notified when a new post has been made. I have subscribed to your RSS feed which may do the trick? Have a great day!

  2. mihailo says:

    This is all so fucking shit…

  3. […] “Sabu” has become such a hot sport that someone even created what appears to be a parody site about […]

  4. […] “Sabu” has become such a hot sport that someone even created what appears to be a parody site about […]

  5. goodyear
    Hey, can I use your article on my website with a linkback?

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  7. You make me laugh. Come write at the Chronicle.SU – we don’t pay or say thanks.

  8. Jester says:

    Would appreciate some tips guys.

  9. Old Brutus says:

    install akismet and keep it up to date. respect and obey authority. never let the frame influence the contents of your body paragraphs. cooperate with ongoing investigations. tell mommy where the bad man touched you.


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