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Slap Fights, Spotlights, and Reruns

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Guest Contributer trying to inject some class in this Anonymous/Lulzsec fanboi circle jerk.

So lets recap the week so far:

1. Pseudo-intellectual twitter fight between a  couple attention seeking glory-holes  invoking the   holy grails of all chan-faggotry phrases they can muster all in the name of pathetic attempts at humor and hanging off the dicks of these social malcontents that believe that defacing some website or posting someones information is some kind of revolution.

*note to my friend – I love you man, but stay out of this arena. Your out of your league, you don’t have it in you to face off with the chan fags, the trench warfare that is the worn out ‘yo dawg  i herd u like’ ,rule invocations, inb4′s and ascii fapping arent your speed. Train wreck was fun to watch tho *

2. Sabu firing off daily limits of retweets to remind himself and everyone else that he is some kind of folk hero.

*For all you spotlight scene queens, Im going to start a website that offers the same functions that the right wing fucktards have for the rapture. When (not if) you nut garglers get v& and your 15 minutes of fame is over it will fire off a tweet/email to your friends and family asking that they observe a moment of silence for your puckered sphincters because I promise you your buttholes will get traded for a pack of koolaid and after your passed around like a joint and your face looks like a glazed donut maybe they will want to hear what a big deal you are on the internets.*

3. LulzSec comes out of retirement to feast on the dying corpse of a piece of shit rag by returning to the well of  the PBS hack. Weak, running out of new material shrubfag?

**Hide yo husbands, hide yo wifes,  dey be snatchin erry body up in here. These pale little assbergers infested scene fags will be sounding off as fast as they can. The domino effect has begun. As much as I despise Nancy Grace, I will be glued to Court TV. But hey, I hear Barrett’s already got yous guys hooked up. So at least theres that.**

inb4 grammarfags


2 Responses to Slap fightsSpotlights, and Reruns

  1. Nick says:

    damn dude…angry much? See someone bout dat.

  2. Kilgore says:

    Whoever you are, please consider writing for Chronicle.SU


Written by ohaiguize

August 4, 2011 at 11:44 am

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